Tiers of a Clown


According to a study made by Bill Gates’ Microsoft, the average human being now has an attention span of eight seconds; in the year 2000 it was twelve seconds, that’s clearly a decline of four seconds per vicennial.  I thank God for two things – I’m not a human being and I have never aspired to becoming average.

Any tech advocate would extract such data by means of data applications in a much more fluid and instant way than the manual labour that we were familiar with in the analogous world of statistical data collation, RIP.

This can be compared to buying instant noodles vs. grandma’s delicious soup on a low, slow-burning fire. If it’s all the same to the machine it will take the express option (always). As it has no taste, it needs to keep consuming as it’s mission is ‘more’ and will never become full, much like a pig. Therefore, instant would be the lucrative choice as speed is the goal. Man has to fast understand the difference between the heart and the brain. Historically, in the world’s best selling book, this brain-thing has been likened to a beast. Drawing such sensitive data with such efficacy carelessly diminishes quality and without senses (taste), it sets the platform for mischief.

With society’s decline in cognition, it searches again for the most potent way to gain ground and within record time it decides on (without ethics) the most proven strategy for hiding information: in plain site. With this common slumber and the people’s lack of due diligence, they are left at the hands of a beast. Although I mention this in much more detail later, it may be wise to mention it now in case you do not make it to the end of this reasonably short writing. Due to this and my trimming, deflating, slashing and abridging these golden droplets from above that continue their reign upon my heart, it seemed pointless to continue writing beefy articles that require the commitment of attention. Although I was informed not to place their jewels within a disrespectful environment, equity drives me to supply a final guided tour of this horrible mess as the divine is the pure love of truth. But in truth, the hardhead is all so exhausting.

The result of this is below; some short simple details that should answer all of the questions that today the patriotic mind seems unable to descry.  Or maybe it’s for fear of swallowing the unfamiliar truth and the moral responsibility that comes with knowing it. After reading this, I hope that common sense should lead one to conclude that this is no different than the terrorist season (2001 to 2021) and the rights that were eroded in its name, never to be returned

I emphasise: There is no other point than the following.

Angel Lewis


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