For my shhugar Shpun Shister, a dream goal…

My dream Liverpool goal:

v A Shee Milan at the Shan Shiro

Shhkrtel pashes ball shquare to Shterling

who shkips past two players & gives it to Shusho

he Shkins another player and pashes it inside to Shhteevie

who drives a Shixty yard pash to Selvey

who plays in Shhhuttidge

firsht time he shivwels pasht a player and Shpots Shhhuarez unmarked & pulls ball back on to the Shix yard line

where Shuarez Shlots it Shidefoot pasht the keeper.

On the Shubs bench Wisshdom and Shahin are Shelebrating.

Shellebratin Shuarez shhtyle
Shellebratin Shuarez shhtyle




Urban Dandy London 2013