Enticingly on the street corner she stands

        this old Victorian lady of the night

        yet all who enter these doors

        venture into another time and dimension

         where those that imbibe

        unwittingly star in their very own play

        as we seek to save our KPH

        iconic symbol of a bygone age

         before social cleansing and gentrification

        fuelled the rage of this band of brothers,

        sisters ,fathers, mothers, lifetime friends,

        part time lovers, black, white, rich, poor

       those that have lived outside the law!

       Like Shane or John Wayne we’ll stand for what’s right

      Johnny Cash’s man in black the band plays tonight !

        But this is no Alamo or Custer’s last stand

      our community diversity culture never figured in your plans

        as you seek to destroy what you fear and don’t understand

        you redevelop our estates, pubs, kick us out of our homes

       but your money can never buy our spirit heart n’ soul

       the true vibe of the Grove……………………..M C Bolton


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