The Lyre – A Poem in Two Parts



Part One

Our Emperors, Neros by stealth

igniting our cities!

Pitching us against one another;

Gladiators had more hope,

at least they could earn their freedom

For it’s our rulers’ perverse, obscene pleasure

to create Utopia-Year zero-a new beginning

Mankind’s true wickedness exposed

so much truth wrapped in a lie;

None of us are virtuous,

those that know our fallen state

less judgemental-more forgiving

understanding man’s spiritual fall

flesh’s insatiable appetite

never satisfied or content

billowing like foam on a rough sea……


Part Two

I remain a part-time Luddite

trapped in the past,

forever yesterday’s man!

I see the media bowing, fawning, kneeling

expressing fake concern

for in chaos, they are safe

Kingmakers but never the King

Tune players that cannot sing,

for only with lyrics in poetry

can true change begin…….


M C Bolton June 2020



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