Electric Breakfast

Venue: Electric Diner, Portobello Road

Meal: Breakfast



It’s 11.45am on a Tuesday in March and I’ve just come back to Portobello after moving some things into a Brentford storage unit.

Heavy work, so you’d think a full English carb fest was on my mind. Not so, here’s why…

…So, we get to the door of the Electric Diner on Portobello Road, only to be greeted by our regular (Antonio Banderas looking) waiter.  I may have appeared a bit rude as I zipped past him fully aware of the clock ticking away on our 50% local discount deal as it fast approached 12.00. I rushed past into the ready and waiting waitress. “Will you still honour the discount as it’s not yet 12 O’ clock”?  I said in a half couldn’t care less way, without revealing the fact that her answer was a remote control to push an invisible button to send me away or make me stay, just like a puppet”. ” If you order before 12.00 it’ll be fine”. She said. You’ve never seen a person sit down so quickly.


It was about 11:52 when my guest: sweet Juliet ordered her poached eggs on toast with  avocado and a bit a lemon on the side, accompanied by a pot of mint tea to kill the chill. Note below, the avocado’s succulence.


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My order of macaroni and cheese, with (simply) calamari and a bottle of sparkling water, was just delightful as usual.


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With the 50% discount card in hand, I’d say even though it wasn’t the gentlest way to wake up your tummy as it’s first food of the day, I was happy with the bill weighing in at just under £20.


As you know UDL have been here a few times before, evidenced by this previous picture of an incredible salmon, scrambled eggs and toast breakfast from a previous visit.


….and also this deliciouso, Eggs Florentine  that looked t0o pretty to eat.


All in all, The Electric Diner is a great place to eat breakfast. The food is well prepared and presented and tastes pretty good too. Even without the discount, it’s quite reasonably priced in a very warm, comfortable and convenient location in Notting Hill. The seats are deep and low and almost make you feel like a child as you sink down into them. There’s a feeling of space and no time, that makes you want to stay forever and if you are a person (like me) who works on Mactops then, this is the spot, especially if you live locally. Ask for a local discount ticket to follow my crazy rushed example and make it work for your overworked wallet.

Oh! Not to say the child is friendly but it’s child-friendly too.



The Electric Diner, 191 Portobello Rd, w11 2ED

For more info visit:





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