Major Tom to Ground Control


We felt this was quite serendipitous as more than ever we’ve been feeling strong David Bowie energy, ever Since Christmas. R.I.P. David Robert Jones-Ziggy Stardust-David Bowie 1947 – 2016.



Isn’t it interesting how timidly we step when speaking of the things that we deem supernatural although it is just as natural to us as focusing our eyes. Also interesting is that mysterious juncture when regular sensory perception became extra sensory perception, sending it far from our expected experience?   

It’s also curious how we start our sentences with ‘I believe that…’ and ‘in my opinion…’ to speak humbly of surreal things that we actually know as true just to thwart judgement, being labelled cuckoo by those who don’t see in this way. Sometimes the assault is much deeper, the doubting corporealist is responsible for a reckless awakening of our reclined ego by misinterpreting our reality, viewing it as at best a good fictitious writing. Ticking all the boxes in their unbelieving mind as anything but ‘real’. Thoughts of these topics possibly being a good book, a play or movie for it’s…

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