I see behind your smiling eyes

a wisdom, a depth

you observer of life

I notice your subtle beauty in your elegant, non-flaunted presence,

I spy your gentle touch,

your caring hand for those

that are not quite as pretty as you in face and nature

having time for the weak , the ugly, those lacking in grace

they all seek a place at your feet

your courtiers, nobles, both paupers and princes 

long to touch your garments hem

as you cover them in your cloak of no judgement and love………………


M.C Bolton 2014

Stand 52


Urban Dandy would like to bring to your attention the loss of a beloved community member. Stand 52 is not really what you would have in mind when asking for a half a pound a grapes but if you are from the area you would have used stand 52 many times.

Tommy from stand 52 Portobello Market, for some is Portobello Market, having supplied us with fresh fruit and veg for years. I can say from experience that he was one of the faces that you got used to seeing every morning on the corner of Portobello Road and Blenheim Crescent, arranging that lovely coloured nutrition in delicious order offering to quench your thirst and satisfy your body’s need for vitamins and minerals.

It’s interesting that with all the supermarkets popping up here there and everywhere, the question of local loyalty is underlined. I must admit within my own experience there is some guilt as I have a very specialized diet for health reasons, but that said I do what I can where I can and would only hope that most like myself will be also sad to see the end of a Portobello market legend.

Here is a man that took only two weeks off work each year. This is a very rare form of dedication. As noble as this may be, sadly it took the dreaded cancer to force a year’s break from the market.

In a brief conversation with Maureen, Tommy’s wife, I learned that his dedication and commitment to us as customers went way beyond Portobello Market and into his own domestic environment as when the question of marriage occurred Tommy was reluctant to take time off on a Saturday, so we should all feel privileged standing in the way of their wedding vows.


Portobello Market is made up of some tremendous locals just like Tommy who really tend to smile through everything they face including the decrease in turnover based on their goliath super-chain competitors, yet they continue.


Even those who didn’t know you knew your presence, work and commitment. On behalf of the family, extended family and every other market trader we say Rest In Peace Tommy Kane.

Thank you

R.I.P. Tommy

Whose child are you anyway?

Ethan Minnock

Take a look in this child’s face. Look deeper. What Mother would want to give him up? Not Rebecca Minnock anyway.

After the court ruled custody in favour of Ethan Minnock’s father, Rebecca Minnock did what any sane Mother with a supernal relationship with her child would do; Run.

What? Well rather than question my odd angle on this, the question should really be– what would it take to find the courage, or to some the stupidity, to take ‘your’ own child into ‘your’ own hands? That defining  moment could only have been a moment of connection, as it is hard for me to believe that somebody who didn’t feel capable of raising their child would risk everything by running away for just a short chance to be with them. Maybe the consequences weren’t weighed up, even more to the credit of a Mother’s Hyperarousal.

One thing is for sure, several decades ago this would have been a most natural response. Has society really become so caught up in modern legislation, in the guise of law, that they can no longer appreciate what it is to be a human attached to their seed? For me, the balancing outlook comes from simply observing nature. I have seen animals, less bothered with politics and court cases, murder or even throw themselves in harms way when much more preponderant animals come within a few dozen metres of their progeny. So what’s the big deal? It’s natural.

I would like to think every Woman would at least consider this just so I know that they haven’t totally lost their power to those men with hammers in witches outfits. You could maybe see Rebecca Minnock like a Rosa Parks or a Harriet Tubman. There’s something powerful about when women become restive, it feels veracious and begins just where a male’s manhood ends.

Maybe the whole event asks a question that nobody wants to ask. I say this because at the core of it there is something innate within the soul that knows its own property, whether it’s the actual body or the body it created, even though most are afraid to act on it.

But then again as always there is another side. Less than six months ago a woman on my own street murdered her husband and child in a vicious knife attack. With such a large number of people with failing mental health within domestic environments, largely spurred through undiagnosed post-natal depression that can last more than just a few years, what can you do to protect the child and who’s business is it?

Rosa Parks
Rosa Parks

In 1666, just after the great fire of London, The Ceste Que Vie Act was signed and went into action immediately. The gist of it states that, by Maritime law standards, any individual born after the said date would be considered lost at sea unless within a seven year period after berth they would come forth and state otherwise. Strange as it seems it appears to me that what is being stated here is that all men born are considered by the courts ‘dead’ unless they prove that they are not.

Well what rights can a dead man have? I’m sure all things that would be considered property would be held in trust by the state, No? If I sound crazy by translating my own thoughts on the act, which by the way, didn’t take too much thought on my part, then see what you make of it. After all it is not a belief but something enacted into your legislation.


All that aside, there are many, many, opinions on whether or not the law is the law of the land or the law of the sea based on the Union Jack being a flag of the high seas and ra ta ta….However, whatever your position, the fact remains that decisions that only Mothers can make in sound mental health regarding their sentient child, are being made in a cold, clinical, lifeless, male milieu.

This seems quite absent of the very female spark that initiated the offspring and all offspring for that matter. One shouldn’t have to take the form of a woman to know her role and connection to decisions of nurture unless, in a Shakespearean prophetic manner, one is born of a glass tube. In this case the microchimeric cell attachment they share may well be severed but anything short of this proves that the creator and the creation remain together for eternity according to recent neuroscience discoveries.

A 'Lancashire lassie' being escorted through the palace yard, Westminster Palace, London, 20th March 1907. A young woman is reluctantly escorted by two policeman who are holding her by the arms. The woman is still protesting as she is led away. The last line of the verse at the bottom says 'For Women's Rights anything we will dare; Palace Yard, take me there!' (Photo by Museum of London/Heritage Images/Getty Images)

Rebecca Minnock said ‘No’, whether it was a sane ‘No’ or a psychotic ‘No’ is the question here; but the larger question to all Mothers should be where does the state get the right and is it really a right or an antiquated legislation created, not for the health of the community but the capture of booty? This would then make it no less than a raping of the soul.

But I will leave the burden of deciding with you dear Mothers and whatever you decide I will only agree because I am just a mere man, the creation of a woman.


For Emily Davidson & Mum.


Angel Lewis

Is anybody there?

Antisocial  Media


The hypocrisy of it all, here I am slandering the very thing that feeds me. The thing I return to each day and the reason and excuse for not experiencing my beloved friends but just a substitute digital text version of their actions only which cannot ever  truly be verified. Yes I too believe everything I see in text and if I were not so busy I would probably stop and realise that I am also more familiar with text rather than faces. Do I put my trust in what I feel or read, none or both?

It was around 9:00 pm when I realized I had not confirmed our meeting for tomorrow afternoon. Emma would give me the whole spiel about the ideas and thoughts around her exhibition, what it was like to work with another artist and whether it had surpassed her expectations when it finally reached its conclusion. (view here)

I will send a Facebook message as she’s probably finished work by now. No reply after an hour yet Facebook (as if Facebook knows or cares who she is) tells me she was online. Hmmm, maybe she hasn’t seen it or is there more of an adventure to this, has somebody stolen her phone and hijacked her fb account, or worse? As it was a little late I decided I would check in the morning and surely find the missing  reply.

Thursday morning brought nothing, yet Facebook who I now depend on more than my drama-filled sub-conscience and intuition tells me again, ‘ Hey stupid she was on this morning just twenty minutes ago’. Okay did I say something rude in our last conversation, is she mad at me,? ‘Oh my God she’s dead’? God said none of the above but me, I didn’t listen. My sister once said: ‘Lack of communication leads to speculation.’ Well, this is true especially at sensitive times where there are all these unknowns, could this be the reason why humans spend lots of time around each other upon meeting but then flitter out into the occasional text message? I have friends that I rarely see but not a thought of any such negative thing ever enters my mind. I really am digressing here.

9:58 am: Okay let me send a text and be clear and detailed for a change, as artists tend to be vague just in case a moment of unannounced inspiration appears. Today 2.30  Queensway station I will have the questions ready.

An hour gone: Alright I’ll will just ask if that’s gonna be okay, really meaning are you okay? No answer. Back to Facebook. Facebook says she’s online now but still no acknowledgement. Okay somebody is trying to make it appear like she’s still alive but afraid to write anything inconsistent so not to raise any suspicion. I’ll call. No I wont because

There it is a text returned.


Confirmation of our appointment, informative whereabouts verification ID and proof of living or is it, ayy Smartyphone?


Youtube, Twitter and Facebook are amalgamating their services to make one convenient social media platform called ‘Youtwitface’. 🙂

The day the world went mad

The day the world went mad

it saw through all the lies

priests removed their collars

bankers took off their ties

fires were made from money

stars dropped from the skies

a tramp became a ruler

yet there was nothing left to rule

a president looked into the mirror

realized we had all been fooled

the truth was much too scary 

so men hid under stones

liars were cursed forever

the day the truth came home…………………..



Les Urban Dandy by Soraya Boyd


Ah sacré bleu, ces bloody French! But we love them really. They have un je ne sais quoi. Yes, that’s it: joie de vivre. Du petit déjeuner à l’apéro* en passant par La Petite France de Londres**, alors allons-y***, out and about in Kensington pour les Urban Dandy:  une expérience inoubliable****

 pietons sign[1]

Bonjour, La Belle France © vous salue.  Aside from English, French is regarded as the second most sought after and studied modern foreign language in the world. It is perhaps not surprising then to note that French is spoken on no less than five continents.  Still having doubts about why you should learn French? Well apart from being fun, French is a deeply nourishing language. So when the following comes to mind la haute cuisine, les grands crus, les fromages délicieux, les arts, la music, la haute couture, les maisons de parfumeries, la litérature, l’architecture, l’amour (mais bien sûr, ah toujours l’ amour), one can only be thinking of France.  Whether you are a complete beginner or wish to improve on existing knowledge of the language n’ayez pas peur! Ouf, help is at hand with me – a native speaker.  

Regular group tuitions and weekly sorties held in a supportive, enabling and fun learning environment will help you progress towards building your confidence as well as improving your fluency and accuracy.

By svu for UDL


The weekly conversational sortie, taking place in and around the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea (our very own ‘La Petite France’) is especially designed to immerse you in an authentic French setting. By expressing yourself in French, you will consolidate your learning. Il n’ y a rien de mieux pour apprendre!  

The next enrolment phase is now open. For more information please email labellefrance123 (at) gmail(dot)com  

Alors à bientôt Cordialement De la part de votre professeur de Français


*from breakfasting to sipping an aperitif

** strolling through London’s Little France

*** alright, let us go to it

**** an unforgettable experience

Could have, should have, didn’t.

Sometimes it’s the things we don’t say that can cause the most damage.

I rarely write on this type of issue but I feel compelled.

It was only a week ago when I thought to myself ‘I wonder what this woman’s story is’? She seemed a little perturbed at times but would often afford me a smile and a wave if a little far, that’s if I didn’t get there first. This had become a ritual that we both kept up every morning around the never ending race called ‘The school run’. She and I never failed to say ‘Good Morning’ to each other. Sometimes I wouldn’t know whether to wait when I saw her stride suspended by her toddler walking at snail pace while putting my key in my front door. She seemed pretty patient waiting with the baby in the cumbersome buggy while she stalled outside my doorstep for the little angel to catch up.

A slightly chubby woman with soft black silky hair always pulled back in a ponytail. There was a seriousness to her that caused me to wonder what had painted that expression into her soft, smooth, brown, face.  I did remember seeing her a few times with a tall slim Jamaican guy who, as friendly as I am, I did try to avoid. My reasoning told me, children’s Daddy but they were pretty banausic and self preserving.

For me survival is a learned behaviour, after living in Brooklyn for the formative part of your adult life you get to know how to ignore people who move a little faster than natural. This slim sporty looking character was that. He knew almost everybody in the neighbourhood within just a few months. I would spot him talking with… let’s just say locals with way too much time on their hands. I waived many opportunities to become an acquaintance through those unwanted six degrees but some underlaying instinct kept me in the same street but on a different, different road. He was always coming when I was going and I was partly the orchestrator of this.

After a few times seeing them together I figured that they were certainly an item.  At this point I believe it would have been safe for me to have said maybe more than ‘good morning,’ speaking from those thoughts a few months back because I feel it may not have warranted any negativity. She could have possibly answered ‘I’m okay just cant be around that man anymore’. To that I would have replied, ‘If it’s that bad stay somewhere else, a sister, your mother anywhere is better than arguing’. Or she could have said ‘Just so tired after watching the new season of CSI’. In which case my words could have been ‘You should try to watch some more inspirational stuff like some Deepak Chopra or something, that stuff stays in your head and when you get in an unfamiliar situation, you never know what’ll pop out”.  I could have said a number of things to which she may or may not have listened but we will never know because none of this ever happened. Why? Lots of reasons: I was in  a rush, It was cold outside, I was a bit scared, she was not that familiar.


On Friday evening…well no, on Saturday morning I was given a sheet of paper by a young man after he knocked on my door.  The familiarity with his dark outfit let me know it was of a typical probing nature. He was looking for information on whether anybody had been approached about any of the goings ons within the flat at the end of my road. Immediately I thought of them.

By Friday afternoon our good mornings would be exchanged no more for the mother of two, allegedly murdered her husband and the toddler that evening and left a cold mystery for the neighbours to try and unfold, backtracking trying to figure out why. Alcohol, drugs, self defence? No, nothing makes sense. Obviously she had snapped. This cold act created a historical tragedy equal to any other Hollywood drama, that will be told to the neighbours children’s children. One day it will be told to the surviving child by her foster parents. This event will be the reason why the place will be gutted and refurbished and even years later when its departed from everybody’s consciousness, there will be someone questioning whether they truly heard the remnants of the slain souls that left so unexpectedly.Daily Thompson house

I have seen tragedy and death before but for some reason I felt attached to this situation and, for the past few days have used a practice called Zero Limits for removing negative energy and bringing clean and clear energy. Still I ask, rather than a moments silence for the all around loss of a family, this woman who’s life is well and truly over, to look deep within your neighbour’s eyes when you greet them and let it not be all formality and routine. Dare to see through them, see if they are really okay, really. Say something uplifting to them because if one word a wordy person like myself could have said at that opportune moment could have changed this, it would have been worth switching the ego off for.

Please look after your minds and definitely talk with each other.

Sir Malcolm in the Middle

Kensington MP Sir Malcolm Rifkind has been suspended by the Conservative party after being punk’d by Channel 4, who secretly filmed him showing great willingness to work for, and acquire information for, a fictional Chinese company.

Pic from C4.com
Pic from C4.com

The obvious question for residents of Kensington is ‘Will he still be my sole representative in parliament?’ The answer is less obvious, but if you live in North Kensington, you’ll understand completely: Rifkind not being in parliament would make absolutely no difference to most of his constituents.

Sir Malcolm, or Riffers to his friends in the numerous jobs he juggles, is nowhere to be seen in North Kensington and doesn’t hold surgeries for constituents to raise their problems and concerns with their representative. He did appear once that I know of, the day after the riots. Somebody who was at the meeting with him told me “he doesn’t care…he doesn’t know anything”.

With Malc as your MP, you might take solace in the fact that as a former Foreign Secretary, he might be able to represent your concerns about Britain’s foreign policy to ministers. But, no, Sir is pro-war, an armchair bomber, who replies to constituent letters of concern about war with what amount to fatuous press releases, steadfastly refusing to address any of their concerns head on. For half a day’s work he charges “somewhere in the region of £5,000 to £8,000” to give talks on the Middle East.

A constituent told me about her experience contacting Rifkind regarding the onslaughts on Gaza by Israel: “It was pointless. He was closed off and unresponsive, the letter I received was a standard template everyone I knew who had written to him had got. I felt as though he was brushing off my concerns”.

So, North Kensington is essentially left without representation in the UK parliament. In the C4 footage, SMR talks of the great amount of free time he is able to enjoy. Most constituency “events” take place during weekdays, he explains. Not commitments, not work, not engagement with the community, just events.

So what does MR MP do with the time he frees up by abstaining from representing us? Turns out he’s a freelancer – “I am self-employed – so nobody pays me a salary. I have to earn my income” he says despite the £67,000 he gets paid, by us, for being an MP. In his other jobs, which pay him three times his MP salary, Malc Talc cannot possibly do much, as he explained to the phoney Chinese company that he spends much of his time “reading and walking.” Great.

So, North Kensington, one of the most successful showcases for peaceful ethnic and cultural diversity on the planet, has a huge democratic deficit. It’d be nice to be represented, but for today we’ll just have to represent ourselves.

Tom Charles

Question Time: Extreme Centre Vs Moderate Man

I spoke to the MP George Galloway yesterday. I asked him if he would be able to help out with something in the community, for primary school children. Without hesitation, George replied “Sure, it would be a pleasure.” Before departing he told me he was swotting up for his appearance on Question Time. I asked what the subjects for debate were going to be, and he replied “Well, you never know”.

It turned out that a large part of the programme was given up to a seemingly coordinated attack on George Galloway, when an audience member abandoned the format of sticking to pre-agreed questions and accused Galloway of being responsible for a spike in anti-Semitic attacks in Britain, Continue reading