Happy New Years


Use of the word ‘we’ does not constitute ‘My self’ in a manner that makes Me complicit in the issue/subject but is used only as a formality and effort not to violate writing tradition. Even though it may appear that my use of ‘we’ means ‘us’, I reference only My self as ‘we’ in respect of the overwhelming shared sentience of the masses, of which I am but am not of, in respect of My unfamiliar peers and their ignorant acts antonymous to My autonomous weighs. I, just as all corporations do, hold My self harmless from the collective wrong that society willingly partakes and I take personal responsibility for all things that I willingly, clearly and openly consent to by clear (non-tacit) agreement, without force, duress or coercion.

I Am.

It’s now 2023 and as we step into this great unknown, I must say that ‘ignorance’ is a choice.

As abstract as it seems, knowledge is not the property of schools of education but readily available for all who genuinely search for it–the reward of the seeker. It’s just that most would rather collect pointless data steered by either peer-esteem, likes or something of the egocentric nature. This is despite the fact that, over the decade, all that seems currently unknown was previously (widely and openly) available and easily accessible to all via online. That is at least before the colonisation of the Internet in 2012 (New Hampshire RSA 193-F:4.).

The result of this pathway to policing dialogue and searches, hiding behind cyber bullying, is comparable to a mass book burning and the resulting chaos. With today’s corporations learning algorithms, our search engines can guarantee failure as we try to stick the salvaged pages back together again. This colonising of websites and the heavy concentration on child censorship, made way for key information to be available only in select jurisdictions. Even though tangible location is somewhat of a fiction in the online world, we ignorantly opened the doors to communist ideals.

These poor arguments, based on ethics, would have had some validity if they were birthed out of the purpose presented but at any time or point on any day a 7-year-old child can watch a naked woman swinging on a wrecking ball without any censorship at all simply because of the provider’s reach, calibre and connection. But it isn’t the point that this writing may become contradictory once the point is exposed, they may well renege and pretend to address the damage, the fact is that the opportunity for YouTube police to see this has been available for 10 years and with their carefully vetted video algorithm, it has come up fine. Meanwhile mere conversation on medical concerns have been banned and even demonised. In conclusion this ‘one size fits the poor’ attitude has to be done away with for uniform regulations and the violators of this essential equipoise should be ‘imprisoned’.

It baffles one to think that we’ve managed to give away decentralised space to Billionaire corporations to dominate the story, whatever it may be. But even more befuddling is the fact that I can go to you tube, place any political/controversial data in the search box and ‘hey presto’, like magic, all of the providers of the results are Associated Press, without the viewer having any thoughts about a conflict of interest. CNN, NBC, BBC, FOX, NEWS FIVE, all dominate the first 10 pages, if not all in some subsidised way. But then again, that’s tailored to my own needs as our cookies keep reminding us, so who knows what results Emma in New Zealand is getting attached to her IP information tag.

To some degree, truth only remains online like charred pages buried under the vaults of corporate ramble and secrecy. But much information is still available, only what is true and what is not, is only known by either the pure of heart (of whom are slandered) or the dark and deceitful, who are held in high esteem. The ‘pure of heart’ is a specific group who express a caution and a suppression of peer expectation. Much is invested in the tainting of these people as they disrupt the deceit but the long road towards this online colonisation was observed, shared by them and ignored before going deep underground. Today, like the evaporation of the illusion, ‘middle classed’, there are only ‘those who know and those who don’t’. Both of whom share this category fall into two other categories of honest or deceptive.

If you have spent adequate time harnessing the skill of separating the BS without corporations holding your hand, you may have found all the guidance you need but for most people who have been televised, God and majik doesn’t actually exist and so have forgot to prepare their minds for today’s madness. With a mind wrapped in the word ‘impossible’, looking at the impossible unfold leaves little trust in overcoming it. So big data has corrupted ‘all’ of what is known as verified data, of course for the people’s safety, leaving most at the liberty of living in either theoretical conspiracy or corporate fascism–living either in sovereign Cuba or totalitarian China mentality.  

It once was said, “the things of this world are but an illusion and will soon pass”; it was also said, “what good is it for a man to gain the whole world but to lose his soul”?

On the morning of the 25th December 2022, (possessed by the journalist spirit), I searched online to note the correct time of the perihelion (the annual point when the sun is closest to the earth). This I have always known to be late June (the summer solstice) but to my surprise, today online it has uniformly become the end of December. This is according to Wikipedia, Webster’s, Collins and NASA. I accept an error on my part but it seems to me that this falling away of the illusion and a day of confusion has truly arrived. The uttering of the many sages who came imploring us to seek a more etheric understanding of life can be summed up in Carrie-Anne Moss’s statement in the character of Trinity: “the Matrix isn’t real…”. 

What is Real?

If you care to reflect collectively, we’ve also ignored widespread warnings for over 2,000 years for the desire to be groomed towards scientific standards that ultimately veil the esoteric earth in the name of civilised-so can we really plead ignorance?But it appears that our willing plunge into (solely and explicitly) material, leaves us with no understanding of metaphor leaving everything to be known only by the tangible and direct senses. To our own detriment we have now ate the words ‘impossible’ and ‘coincidence’ and become blind to the warnings of what phenomena was to come. As such, The Matrix was merely a Sci-Fi movie not a warning–but what a movie it also was.

And so the magik of the Moors, the herbal remedies of the witches, the sages, the predictions of the shaman, and the cures from real doctors were ridiculed, mocked and replaced with synthetic versions of the organic figures with ‘toxic mimicry’. This we continue to crave more of, like seedless fruit, Zoom calls over meeting, online banking, and paying by phone over actual transactions. Convenient Jesus and ‘the metaverse’ fall into this fictitious category too, with no foresight of what this replacement will eventually do to the true organic structure of life.

Strangely the word ‘science’ has come to be more of a trustworthy friend than the word ‘God’ to most, all without any suspicion of mischief at play.  Meanwhile it is true that something of a remote collective evil (that in all eventuality, seems to be working ‘in’ favour of God) appears to have a grip on humanity’s collective doltishness and an on-going commercial means to keep churning out these artificial seeds, without a single aired complaint. 

Even though this may sound too base for today’s complicated mind, every problem we have appears to be the natural result of some violation of our personal morals and ethics. These avoidable dramas seem to pose an individual question of ‘who we are and how low can we go’.In this case, the only organic thing is the natural occurring mess we are left in without honour, one that ‘we’ continuously vote for. Be it demonising Muslims, Brexit, mass-needling the public, relocating Ukrainians or blocking Mexicans from their indigenous grounds, we’ve added to our recorded acts on earth without feeling the burden of accountability although we are wrong and totally accountable.

Amnesia International

If we were to be just in our hearts, we would have to admit that we have very little belief in each predator that appears at the ballot box. We are stuck on a self-predicating loop of, screw up, resign, then replace with another, as we prepare to vote again with no aim for a totally new system, not provided by a fortune 500 subsidiary.

But we never ask who pays for these mistakes especially as some have grand effects on the lives of women and children especially. To most, who are groomed on material phenomena, they remain clueless of their own spirit. This karmic debt seems to be understood only as a physical tax, one that a wealthy government can pay (with money) towards an eventual amnesia of the cosmic crime. But just because denial of this omnipresent imbalance is rampant in an ignorant society, it should not negate the fact that present, although unseen, is a metaphysical tax that must be settled. 

This perpetual politician’s game of tag: violation, resign, replace, cannot be hidden to the sovereign mind but can only be obscured from the masses by organised feeble excuses that blind each from their higher accountability. This mental fog, in an ancient best-selling book, is said to be caused by something labelled ‘the sneaking whisperer’, who whispers lies into the hearts of men.

As time moves fast towards these ‘build back better’ scripts (that some of us know only too well), it appears that…well I think…it is known deep within ‘every’ soul that our governing parties are full of shite. Only God detachment, peer pressure and the fear of the ‘illusion’ power, is that which causes us to endure this nonsense at the cost of our own morale. This altogether equates to cognitive dissonance, which appears when the truth is too hard to look at so the lie bides time. This is expressed as a clan of beer drunk European men (who think that they are Americans) shouting U.S.A. U.S.A… as they bomb and shoot-up ancient cities in holy lands. It is also observed as Trump/Biden supporters thinking that Mexican’s ignorance of their invisible border that parts ‘their’ land is a violation. As they wake up to the truth and return to that part of their home in America, their colonist’s grip on media scrambles the ethics of the squatter to such a damning disillusion.

It is only a mind saturated with East Enders, football, royal appearances, and the latest fear script (currently carbon emissions) that accepts, eats and spreads whatever is fed to them through this tube, while the lie is monetised by new taxes upon them.

This scheme sadly is to the detriment of ‘we’ on the fringes who are accosted by these agents who assume that ‘we’ also are their property. And so, as they raise their taxes, bully the televised and distribute uniform scripts, ‘we’ see right through them but ‘we’ are overwhelmed by those of you who see not, so do nothing but accept their orders. Therefore it is we who ‘die for their sins’ herded along with the sheep as ‘sheep’, who we are clearly not.

Still, what I ask violates the structure of journalism and may inject soul into a machine that was intended to remain without one, but we must ask:

Are ‘we­’ really that stupid?

Still I think this a proud moment for me when I say that I haven’t owned a TV in 25 years, have never voted for this madness and sought benefits from any corporation that does not value ‘love’ or ‘truth’–despite the populace’s actions. My lack of support for this was out of an uncommon-sense understanding of the roll-over damage that lies do. In fact it can be said that the widespread current health scare campaigns and the switch from terrorist watching to flu watching, was a well planned, poorly executed business venture that further enriched the likes of Matt Hancock, Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci, Boris Johnson, Charles Shwab…need I continue?

But those, who watch the news attentively, should know this is to be the biggest story ever. I can also affirm that it is the fact that the television has perfected its reach, a particular narrative and a known statistical response called ROI, that it can leave out the important defining details without any worry of a significant backlash–we remain forever the minority. So the almost pointless burden of truth lies on little Me to inform you of details such as, Matt Hancock’s revealing address to the World Economic Forum in 2019 (before the pandemic) and his goal to have his company implement gene therapy in over one million UK households by 2024.  

But I’m sure you knew this and researched him well, after he suddenly appeared on your television set as your Secretary of State for Health and Social Care. Although at the time it probably didn’t seem of any importance that his company Genomics England were seeking to make your DNA their prey as there wasn’t yet a reason, the came Covid 19.

Maybe some have no idea what this DNA, RNA, junk-DNA nonsense is all about and if you don’t know it’s probably best you don’t, with a heart that gambled on a heart-less machine, emitting only images of care, people you don’t know and you’ll never meet, shown as your trusted leaders, guides and confidants.

In a way, it may be better that you don’t understand and is temporarily safer for the televised mass. But I must warn you that, in this unique instance, ignorance is not bliss if you have been trusting that a corporation, whose uniformed mission is to minimise spending, maximise profits and dump overstock, will feed you accurate health statistics when trying to move a health product, especially when no physical being can be held accountable. Living as a human resource, one would hope that the country (company) has not over stocked.

But my original reasons for calling this ‘not knowing’ a choice is because, for years those who didn’t know have been collectively playing a game of avoiding the mirror. The only problem is they’ve now risked their lives to stay ignorant and so at this moment of the inevitable truth, many are ‘now’ asking what can be done to know what the ef is going on and how to make sense of it all. The answer is pretty simple ‘nothing’.

If you happen to have had the discipline to throw your television out the window (remember to shout lookout below), in a few years this grand deception may all begin to make sense, but continuing on with the current program within, what was quite simple is now very complex, because of the deception that the masses have allowed to be known as their truth.

That’s Impossible

For example, as children we were all dealt that word ‘impossible’ as a shared belief. This makes it very unlikely to, all of a sudden, accept this word as a misnomer. This and many other ideas have permeated the westerners mind as well as all those who have left home and aspired to it’s way. And so when it is time to do what fallen and ascended angels know to be true, you will most likely be standing at the side-line saying ‘that’s impossible’. This makes it unlikely for one to delete decades of programming to survive this war on the mind.

But even though there are such crazies as conspiracy theorists, it is better to have been one, than be a seasoned a television truster, so this transition into the ‘real’ world will not be too much of a shock. Since their minds remained believing of anything abstract and odd, they are prepared for anything, especially what most will find impossible since there’s little that can surprise them, just as God instructed in this world of illusions.  

Meanwhile, as I stand outside of the asylum observing men and beast, I see what we can only call modern man a ‘host’ convinced by his ego that he is super-important. I carefully observe these gassed contradictions of what was once a human, as he waits to gather and discard of his ‘pet’s’ waste as a show of moral conduct, while he leaves piles of if on deserted streets.

But I can’t help wonder if the animal questions his commitment to his own shit while he ponders on whether to be called he, she or ‘it’ for the same peer pollution. Within the realm of the ascended mind this satire is merely the 5d screen of God’s comedy, a vision accessible by the few who observed this life without prejudice or want of popularity, watching the joke with gratitude but still a sadness.

The unique souls carried the cross (a metaphor for being rejected) with full knowledge that popularity was never the goal and while none would question why they treated them with such distance, it occurs that the trickster sought to trap these angels in a 3d prison where those who see with known senses alone, see not the wonder that blessed them with their honest presence.

A curse to those who live for acceptance, while a blessing for those who have eyes. While she knows that each rejection left her with less to lose, she knows that each assault ultimately represents a brush for her dusty wings to allow her to fly straight, while the animals succumb to the density of this incredible time–the parting of the see.

This year will be a great one for those who have freed their minds and reunited with an order of truth, which is today absent of men’s rules and their failing Star Wars fantasies. Maybe one day they and their followers may get their wish to penetrate lower earth orbit and actually reach the moon but that will be a cold day in hell and the day when the cosmic intelligence of God is also fooled into believing their hoax to be true–thi may well be the only good use of the word impossible.

May truth be your way in 2023 and may God Bless the rejected and make what is to be revealed easy for the foolish as the meek prepare to inherit the earth.     

Spain-Jan 2nd, 1492 • Reverto Veritatum 2023 •

Ange2 2ewis

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