Dandy Thoughts 2017

As we slowly walk closer, towards the light

many areas of darkness will be exposed

not that we were masking – hiding them

but they remained hidden in the depths

of our heart and soul

Now facing the ever-engulfing truth

the truth we desire, search for, yearn for

our duty is to conquer these foes,

for this darkness brings not peace or freedom

but slavery, bondage and fear

so as they are exposed to the ever-increasing light,

they flee in terror

into the dark night whence they came.

So the fire in our soul now burns brighter

as we integrate this knowledge

into our whole being,

ever growing

ever learning

ever changing,

Slowly becoming wise, discerning

a person of understanding

at one with our emotions and feelings,

accepting both hurt and disappointment

as equally as love and hope,

embracing each day

For we truly are alive….


M.C. Bolton, January 2017


Photo of Surprise View, Peak District, by TC

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