Exclusive Interview with Joe Marshalla Pt.1


Doctor Joe Marshalla is a Wholosopher an Introspectionist, the author of the book Repeatlessness and the producer of audio materials such as Healing Garden and Affirmations for life. His concept of Wholosophy and his introducing the law of Repeatlessness to the world has helped many people on the way to self-discovery.

There are things known to those who have chosen the path of spirit that innately makes sense within, but not necessarily to the logic of the critical, analytical left brain.

In my late teens, I had a keen interest in psychology and became fascinated in how well things turned out for me when I expressed my intentions at the start of my day. This was a short-lived experience as it seemed like spirit and science were fighting each other. ‘Is it me or is it a supreme energy outside of me making this all happen?’ I wondered. 21-12-2012 unbeknown to some, ushered in a series of unique planetary positions and energies for the first time in around 25,000 earth solar cycles. Even those who do recognise those subtle signs of the time still struggle with the emotional and very physical experiences of shedding the ego. A difficult period that made some forget that it is a gradual and not an instant dimensional shift happening within.

Today, Doctors are merging the two beliefs into one with reason and clarity, aiding those who are tickled by science and facts alone. Joe Marshalla is one such Doctor who has an incredible gift of speaking through these dimensions. I suggest you study Repeatlessness and see the range of tools available to cause your cells to also understand as well as your soul or vice versa depending on your angle. 

 In the meantime, we give you the first part of an incredible interview that we recently conducted in Hawaii with Dr. Joe Marshalla. (Via skype, we weren’t really there 🙂 


Part one:

It’s 11:34 am in London and  apparently 12:34 in the morning in Hawaii. We are given a poetic answer to the question of our guest’s geography. Joe explains his location as “I’m in Hawaii, sitting under a completely darkened sky with no moonlight, surrounded by millions of stars and looking directly into the milky way.” Joe has a way of creating bliss from…well, unfounded bliss. 

imgres UDL: The name Marshalla is strangely similar to an Arabic word ‘Marshallah’ meaning ‘Gods will’. Does it have anything to do with this?

 JM: Yes, I have been told that before, and spelled backwards it really messes with some people because backwards it’s Allah’s Ram, (laughs). So no, that name as far as I know was given to us by the INS (Immigration and Naturalization Service.)  I’m Czechoslovakian and Polish and when my grandparents came over here I guess an Italian guy was checking them in and the name went from something like Marshalchov to him saying “Ah, in America we say Marshalla”, so they Americanized it by Italianizing the name and I now know every Marshalla that exists because they all extend from my Grandma and Grandpa.

UDL: A lot of time when I hear someone’s name and I find out what it means I realize that they are just that. Do you find this with your name at all?

JM: Oh gosh yeah! I have been saying this for so many years. I mean, the Bobs and the Johns and Marys and the Cindys and the Kathys and the Lindas, there’s something about one’s name being repeated over and over that seems to possibly set some type of psychic DNA predisposition for the sound. And all the people I meet with the same names all seem very similar.

There was a period at which I actually changed my name. It was for my own healing purposes. There was so much trauma and things that were associated with the name Joe, Joey or Joseph that I wanted to eliminate those traumas being activated. I mean, someone could just say my name a certain way and for no reason at all I would feel this trauma coming over my body, like hearing a siren or something. I’d get that little shock like experience. And so I changed my name for about four or five years. There’s a whole bunch of people that know me by the name Sudeha (Soo-day-uh) and actually Swami Bodhi Sudeha that was given to me by a teacher named Osho. It was my name for a long time to many people and it really made quite a difference in my ability to heal many things.

I can relate.  I have many other names for similar reasons. I mention getting through our questions (around ten in total) without taking up too much of Joe’s time. He explains that we are not inconveniencing him at all and he appreciates the formality but this is why he’s alive so bring it on. (We all laugh)


UDL: Repeatlessness. Do you find the word brings you back to the moment? For me hearing the word, what I understand of it, is that no moment is the same and each one is unique in its own way. Recognising this opens up a whole bunch of potential for me at that moment, that’s what I get from it. Could you explain in a little more detail?

JM: Sitting within the concept of Repeatlessness, within one’s mind, one gets to experience what I call the truth. The T.R.U.T.H… which would be The Repeatless, Unknowable, Timeless, Happening. Because we know it’s fresh and new… it’s Repeatless and if it’s repeatless then it’s never happened before and it’s Unknowable. It’s Timeless because time doesn’t exist… it’s only the now emerging, more now emerging now, emerging now, emerging continuously the now emerging fresh and new… and lastly,  it certainly seems to be Happening, right?  So, T.R.U.T.H. – The Repeatless, Unknowable, Timeless, Happening.

And in experiencing the T.R.U.T.H…  when you have two or more people in that state of awareness… and every moment is fresh and new… then they get to experience P.E.A.C.E… which is People Experiencing A Conscious Existence.

Now, in answer to your question… When you step outside of the perceptual mind and you are outside of time, because who you are is not in time, who you are is ever present in the present now moment… when you are able to step out of the perceptual mind you are able to see how every nanosecond, every aspect of every atom every molecule every thing that comprises of this crystalline holographic matrix… is all either taking on or shedding energy continuously. And it allows for one to experience an emerging reality as opposed to an established reality. And the established realities are the rules and the dynamics and the structures and all this kind of stuff. You have established society but what the truth is… is that when we are in an established reality it is static, it’s not growing, it’s not open to receive new information, it’s not open to expand and grow.

So, when contemplating the T.R.U.T.H… I mean… this is a law that governs our entire existence, it’s not just a good idea… it’s the Law of Repeatlessness that No two moments will ever happen the same way… and when you really get that, when you really open to that concept and “get it”, then you know longer try to recreate anything, a smell, a flavour, a meditative state, an orgasm… you simply be with what IS… because that’s ALL there IS. The rest is just imagined. So, it allows for a freedom, a freedom to just be so that you can be a human “Being” as apposed to a human “Doing”.


note: Joe pauses to ask for another question stating he will speak like this for two hours if I don’t stop him. I do get it. 

I explain my concept on cycles and spirals as a metaphor and shape to hopefully compliment the wonderful concept or law as he so rightly put it. Joe agree’s.

Joe Marshalla Lecturing

JM: Yes, and also that conical shape… that spiral shape… well we’ve got this thing called the sun… and when we think about our solar system we think about the sun sitting in one place and everything spinning around it when in fact the sun is travelling, I don’t know how many hundreds of thousands of miles per hour through the time-space fabric out there… but it’s moving and it’s pulling us and all the planets along in this conical shape, so that every moment we are experiencing new space and new vibrations. Every moment we are being pulled through the time-space continuum and are literally at the event horizon every moment experiencing new space, new frequencies and new vibrations. Because it’s all about frequencies… it’s all about vibration. Everything is coagulated matter… everything is spinning… everything has a frequency. I can tell you the frequency of a rock, the frequency of water, a leaf, it is all coagulated matter resonating at frequencies… and it’s all bouncing off each other being pulled through space and every moment you’re experiencing fresh new space that’s never been touched before by you.

note: I agree, I hope so, it’s beautiful, yeah.


JM: Staring into the Milky Way right now kind of helps me hold that space a little bit. But the key element is… however you relate to it… whatever is the thought form recipe that you have to create that gets you to quiet the mind and just be present with what the mind is receiving through all of its senses… and to simply observe all that… but not get caught in the story and remain in the witness… that is the key.

This is the big difference between Yoga and Tantra.  I’m not talking about Tantra in the sexual sense… that is a bastardization that is like the tip of the fingernail of what Tantra really is.

Almost everything you see out there in the spiritual world is basically a yogic practice and it would be characterized as “suppression with awareness”. The idea is to develop your witness and you suppress your senses like I am not my sight, I am not my hearing, I am not my taste, I am not my feelings and I am not my thoughts. You’re suppressing each one of those so you no longer identify with them and then can experience your witness or higher self and then God self.

Now the Tantric approach is very different. Tantra would be characterized as “indulgence with awareness”. So, you indulge in your sight, you indulge in your thoughts, in your hearing and all of your senses and feelings… yet at the same time you must remain witness while you’re fully experiencing these. This is a very tricky thing, to indulge and fully experience something and still remain in the witnessing of it.

Years and years ago, I think it was Wayne Dyer who brought up the concept ‘Are you a spiritual being having a human experience or are you a human being having a spiritual experience?’  And this always bothered me because I’m both. I’m not one or the other.

So for me, the yogic practices that are trying to disassociate are actually practices that are denying ones’ humanity. I teach this thing ‘Wholosophy’ and this goes along with your earlier concept of the 360˚ spiral and all the things we’ve been talking about so far… and ‘Wholosophy’ has to do with embracing all the aspects of your self, all the aspects of humanity, what it means to be human, what it means to feel, what it means to express and receive… not limiting any of them but incorporating all of them.  This would be considered a Tantric approach to life… to be with what is… to be with what is constantly emerging fresh and new.

The Now

UDL: Do you find staying in the moment a momentary thing, I had a few hours of total awareness I felt my ego was pushed aside for that moment and I was just experiencing what it was to be able to do all these things, meet all these people, notice all these beautiful faces and feel them but it was not long before I became aware of me again. How do you sustain that feeling?

JM: It’s a tricky thing because the desire to try to sustain it is the very thing that keeps you from experiencing it. And you have to accept that if you’re supposed to be in that space you will be… that it’s not for you to recreate it. When you do have a similar experience of it… it will be completely different. So it’s more like it’s to acknowledge that it does exist… and more to sit in anticipation of it. Not to try and conjure it by doing this or doing that so as to make it happen… because that ‘doing’ and that ‘making it happen’ is a structure… and that structure is between you and that experience. So it’s training yourself to just anticipate it, expect it and to anticipate that you’re going to experience it, experience this beauty.

note: This oxymoronic event definitely makes me smile, so true to the nature of life on Earth.

It’s kind of like the tide comes in and the tide goes out. And as we are opening up to these new dimensions and new perceptions of reality there’s a level of massaging the being. You’re taking on a higher vibration, a more integrative higher vibration which requires you shake off some of the other stuff. It’s like a dirty tire.  A tire goes through a deep mud puddle and there’s mud all over that tire and that mud is kind of like the old perceptions of what we’ve picked up in our lives… when you begin to have these clearer perceptions it’s like the wheel is spinning faster and faster and the mud is flinging off and clearing out so the tire is once again clean.

And it appears that it takes a series of being open and allowing that much energy and clarity to pass through oneself… and then the body has to integrate that… and then it happens again and the body has to integrate that… and it’s a process.

With some people it’s quick and some people it’s very slow, everybody is different and if we think we have to do it the way somebody else did… we are completely off base and out of ‘our’ authentic true process and purpose. So we have to just accept that our experience is our experience and that whatever our experience is, has to be enough.

I have a whole series of affirmation products, weight loss affirmations, relationship affirmations, affirmations for life… and I’m responsible for discovering and teaching the tri-voice technology and other kinds of stuff… and I’m a firm believer of reconditioning the mind and how it thinks. Yet, there’s really only one affirmation that I teach anymore. At the very least it’s the first one that everyone should start with… and that is to start off the phrase with what I call the future projected present, you say it as if it’s already occurred. As if it has already happened. You say, “I am so happy and grateful now”…(as if it’s already happened) and you really have to be present with the words… you really have to feel and mean the happiness and gratefulness and really mean them “Right Now”… so you say, “I am so happy and grateful NOW… that I’m at peace… as I Am.”

The purpose of that affirmation is to realize that nothing needs to change, nothing needs to be achieved… there’s not another piece of information needed to be better in some way… it’s to release the idea that if I just get that one more piece of information then I’ll be okay. It’s releasing all that and realizing that I am at peace as I am… and I’m open to my continuous evolution.

Now going back to this earlier question of maintaining one’s awareness of the State of Repeatlessness…there are tools for keeping your mind more centered throughout your entire day. For me… mantra really works. I tell a story about how ultimately I have five mantras going on in my head all the time and right now while we’re talking I have four of them in my head to occupy any stray thought. I employ these techniques or tools to keep me present with you and on task so as to be as clear and as concise as I can be to afford the opportunity of maybe providing some type of thought or idea for eliciting an expansive response to all those who might reading this… in order for them to experience it.

note: To me, this is so beautiful and selfless and requires a connectedness that can only come from having a purely symbiotic agenda in the heart. A gem of awareness that I feel grateful for. Politicians take note.

UDL: Is there a particular place that somebody could go to download some of these tools.

JM: Probably the best place to start is at my Repeatlessness YouTube Channel… There’s The Six-Fold Path, there’s Living Your Empowered Life, or they can start with the series you found called The Mechanics of Mind Control – Tools for the awakening… there’s about 30 hours of lectures and stuff… there’s another 6 hours that I’m putting up soon. I provide all this information free of charge and ask that if what I share serves your life that you make a contribution to me so that I may continue to do this work.

This is my ten-year anniversary, I’m revamping and updating my current website and I have new products that are coming out, all these things are discussed and the tools are made available. Probably the most powerful tool I have and people could really benefit from is on my YouTube channel, there’s a video called Zero To Zen In Six Minutes and it is the most guaranteed way to find your G-Spot: the God Spot.

UDL: As necessary as Alex Jones, David Ike and others around the New World Order consciousness, Chemtrails, Patriots and such I find the energy pretty dark and draining. It’s clear that you are aware of this how do you hold this information without it changing your vibration?

JM: I would be surprised if someone showed me something new. I have my fingers and awareness in just about everything that’s going on… on every level. And I enjoy knowing what’s happening… and to share how I manage my relationship to it… I must once again come back to the idea of frequency.

Everything exists as a vibratory field or frequency. As an example… there’s a particular frequency called carbon dioxide and that frequency, when it touches human life and other life, is very damaging, very hurtful to those tissues and life forms. Yet there are other lifeforms on the planet called plants and phytoplankton and they’re able to take that frequency inside themselves and transmute it into another frequency called oxygen which is beneficial for all the mammals and life.

So I see us just as those plants… except we’re working with a more refined energetic or less physical in form energetic if you will… and all that anger, that angst, that control, that fear… all that stuff… is very real and I see our job as human beings is to be like those plants and take it in and transmute and elevate that to a higher frequency, to a frequency that is beneficial and not detrimental to all life.

In my Mechanics of Mind Control videos, I tried to illustrate through muscle testing that whether you have negative thoughts towards yourself or to somebody outside of yourself, the person who is depleted when you are expressing that anger and negativity IS YOU. So when we allow ourselves to get caught up in the story of what’s happening we actually are depleted. And it’s almost as if the side that is doing the things that we wish would change actually want us to be angry and want us to be frustrated because when we are… we literally become self-depleting mechanisms and defeat ourselves before we can even begin. We lose all our Vital energy.

To carry this further, let me tell you another little story…


Ever ordered at a restaurant and found that the starter, main course and dessert were equally satisfying? In the same way, Joe Marshalla has fed us with a pretty large yet balanced meal, some food for the soul. There’s so much more where that came from yet we’re already quite full and cannot eat any more for now.  

We would suggest you relax, undo your belt and allow it to digest so you can enjoy each course independently for the greatest appreciation. So for now, let’s not be greedy, sit and reflect on what we have just consumed and get ready to revisit this in a few weeks with part 2  of  Joe Marshalla’s wonderful wisdom . 


Angel Lewis for Urban Dandy London speaking with Dr. Joe Marshalla.


You can find more useful information on Joe Marshalla and his personal growth tools and material at:
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