Urban Dandy London’s Style Secrets Revealed…

It is a well-known fact locally that Urban Dandy London are the most urban and dandy of Londoners, impressing all they meet with their fashion sense; from the country squire to the high street looter, UDL has it all covered and refined to a tee.

It is commonly believed that such stylish swagger could only come naturally, bestowed on UDL through good fortune, positive energy and all-round worthiness.

But that ain’t the whole truth. It also helps that slap bang in the middle of UDL’s three London HQs is the Fara clothing shop, where designer threads male and female, and much more besides are available at recession-friendly prices,

Notting Hill’s very own spot where everybody knows your name gives plenty of space for creativity with its legendary window displays and the staff encouraging customers to graffiti the walls,

The jovial folk of Notting Hill have so far come up with this selection:

Can’t argue


We love you too
A tortoise
hear hear


Can you do better? (you can) Go and visit, decorate the walls, dandify yourself this summer at Fara


10 Elgin Crescent, Notting Hill, just off Portobello Road

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