Les Urban Dandy by Soraya Boyd


Ah sacré bleu, ces bloody French! But we love them really. They have un je ne sais quoi. Yes, that’s it: joie de vivre. Du petit déjeuner à l’apéro* en passant par La Petite France de Londres**, alors allons-y***, out and about in Kensington pour les Urban Dandy:  une expérience inoubliable****

 pietons sign[1]

Bonjour, La Belle France © vous salue.  Aside from English, French is regarded as the second most sought after and studied modern foreign language in the world. It is perhaps not surprising then to note that French is spoken on no less than five continents.  Still having doubts about why you should learn French? Well apart from being fun, French is a deeply nourishing language. So when the following comes to mind la haute cuisine, les grands crus, les fromages délicieux, les arts, la music, la haute couture, les maisons de parfumeries, la litérature, l’architecture, l’amour (mais bien sûr, ah toujours l’ amour), one can only be thinking of France.  Whether you are a complete beginner or wish to improve on existing knowledge of the language n’ayez pas peur! Ouf, help is at hand with me – a native speaker.  

Regular group tuitions and weekly sorties held in a supportive, enabling and fun learning environment will help you progress towards building your confidence as well as improving your fluency and accuracy.

By svu for UDL


The weekly conversational sortie, taking place in and around the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea (our very own ‘La Petite France’) is especially designed to immerse you in an authentic French setting. By expressing yourself in French, you will consolidate your learning. Il n’ y a rien de mieux pour apprendre!  

The next enrolment phase is now open. For more information please email labellefrance123 (at) gmail(dot)com  

Alors à bientôt Cordialement De la part de votre professeur de Français


*from breakfasting to sipping an aperitif

** strolling through London’s Little France

*** alright, let us go to it

**** an unforgettable experience

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